Why Germany Sex Drops are Safer than Spanish Fly

Germany sex drops are often compared to Spanish Fly in terms of being a female sex enhancement product, but in truth, there is no comparison between the two.  This is because Germany sex drops are not only more effective than Spanish Fly, but is also far safer to use.

Spanish Fly is one of the most famous and well known female sex enhancement products; it’s also one of the most controversial and indeed is illegal in many countries.  This doesn’t stop many companies from attempting to slip it in anyway, so it’s something to watch out for in any ‘natural’ female sex enhancement product.  Spanish Fly is just that; it’s the dried and powdered bodies of a breed of beetle that is native to southern Europe and in a band stretching from south Europe to Central Asia and Siberia.  The Spanish Fly is used as an aphrodisiac mostly in animals to induce them to mate; however, it has also been used in humans.  It works by irritating the genitals and inducing a longer erection in men and more sensitivity in women.  However, the amount needed is miniscule and much more is damaging to health.  Spanish Fly is harmful to the kidneys and liver and causes painful urination and bloody discharge as well.  Although it enjoys a long history of use, it also enjoys a bloody one as it has aided in the failing of health for many users.  Today, it is quite illegal except where used as a topical treatment for warts and in animal husbandry.  It also enjoys a bit of use in Germany, though it is heavily diluted.  Most sexual enhancement products claiming to be Spanish Fly are nothing more than a combination of herbs now.

 Germany sex drops on the other hand, use a type of hormone found in women to induce sexual feelings and increased lubrication.  This hormone is naturally found in women, but over time and through lowered health and increased age, it decreases, taking libido with it.  Germany sex drops top up the loss of this hormone and also helps to improve the immune system a bit so that the libido stays high.  It is not damaging and mostly passes through your system once it’s done its work, leaving nothing damaging behind.  Germany sex drops are the real deal, unlike most Spanish Fly sold now which is just a placebo.  Germany sex drops are also more affordable and obviously more effective.

There really is no comparison between Spanish Fly and Germany sex drops; one of them is toxic, dangerous, and most of the time isn’t the real deal anyway and the other one aids in your sexual health and is safe to use.  If you are in need of a female sexual enhancement product, it’s time to turn to Germany sex drops.  You’ll see the difference in your sexual prowess and be able to combine that with an improved health plan and increased confidence to a powerful new you.  Spanish Fly cannot give you any such chances.

Dealing with a Difficult Living Situation and Sex

Dealing with a Difficult Living Situation and Sex

We can’t all have the sumptuous king sized bed with a canopy and a garden outside!  In fact, with economies getting tighter and older relations coming to roost with the children, cramped quarters with more people are becoming more common.  Whether it’s living with a roommate, a new baby, an elderly parent, or other family and friends, it can be hard to work on increasing your sex drive when there are people everywhere!  So how can you reconcile working on increasing female libido while people are rampaging through the house?

Schedule Libido

It’s not romantic, but when there’s a new baby in the house or a roommate who has his or her own ideas about what to do on a Saturday night, scheduling your sex may be the only way to get it!  Unfortunately, spontaneity is often a key to libido for women, so in lieu of that, using something like Germany Sex Drops can get your libido up just in time for that special block of time every week.  Once you get into the habit of having sex regularly, you can then move onto more imaginative things and hey; you won’t have to schedule it forever.

Don’t Care!

It can be embarrassing at first, particularly if you have a parent living under your roof, but remember that sex is a natural part of life, you are a consenting adult, and as long as you’re not yelling down the roof, no one will really know anyway.  Again, using something like Germany Sex Drops can increase libido, but it also takes a bit of commitment to get over your embarrassment and just go for it.

Get Out of the House

Getting out of the house sometimes is not only a good way to get any sex at all, but doing it in a new place can really spark your libido.  Whether it’s a bed and breakfast, a one night stand at a hotel or a camping trip, getting out of the house is a good way to spark your libido and enjoy some louder sex in private.  Many women actually find that they can improve libido by just enjoying sex somewhere else for a night.

With the price of nearly everything going up and many people having to shack up together in order to cut costs, find the time and privacy to have sex becomes something of a creative challenge!  But you can make time to work on your improved libido, increase sex drive, and enjoy having sex even when it seems like you’re running into people every two steps-simply make the time and come up with a good plan and you’ll be back in the sack in no time!

Germany Sex Drops – Natural Libido Enhancement

Germany Sex Drops – Natural Libido Enhancement

There is a growing trend towards more natural products; they are everywhere on the shelves, they cover the marketplaces of the internet, and there are thousands of articles and websites extolling their glory above all other products.  While it is true that truly natural products are better than their chemical laden counterparts, there are a lot of products which claim to be all natural and are actually anything but.  This is particularly prevalent among products to increase libido and improve sexual enhancement because there really is no ‘standard’ that these products are forced to adhere to and that makes it easy for any old product to slip in.  A good example is Spanish Fly-a traditional all natural sexual enhancement product which was used for centuries and has now been shown to be dangerous!

If we rightly assume that not all natural libido enhancement is best, there is still room to assume that some will work well and in this case, we see the products that are better for women to use.  Good natural libido enhancement products will not only improve blood flow to the genitals, increase hormone activity, and help with sex drive, but may also help give more energy by helping a bit with your immune system or simply giving a small boost of energy.  This is because these products work with your body instead of against it which gives you a bit of help across the board, though of course they largely work on increasing libido.  Germany sex drops is one of the natural libido enhancement products which works with your body to increase sex drive. 

germany sex drops

You have to do your research very carefully when it comes to investigating natural libido enhancement products.  There are many products on the market which are far from natural and can be downright harmful if you’re not careful.  Since these products aren’t monitored, anyone can sell just about anything and get away with it.  If you want a product that will actually increase sex drive without hurting you, you have to make sure to do the homework-check the product out, see some reviews, and then try them out and see what works best for you.

Finding the right natural enhancement product can be a real godsend for women struggling with a low libido and wanting to get a product that is both efficient and effective!  Low libido impacts many women for a variety of reasons and when left alone, it can cause problems with self esteem and in the relationship.  If you find that you are having trouble with low libido for a while, then finding a solution may be very necessary if you want to continue enjoying your relationship!

Germany sex drops is an all natural libido enhancement product for women.  It is safe to use and effective.  If you are struggling with low libido and you want to use an all natural product to help, Germany Sex Drops is your best bet!

Germany Sex Drops and the Competition

Germany Sex Drops and the Competition

There are a lot of female sexual enhancement products, meant to do things like improve sex drive, increase libido, and aid in vaginal dryness, odour and pain.  It’s a booming market online and off; after all, roughly 71% of women report insufficient or a lack of orgasms and up to 20% of couples are reporting having sex less than 10 times a year, qualifying them for being in a sexless relationship.  Almost all women will report having difficulties with sex at some point in their lives whether it be pain, vaginal dryness or lack of arousal.  With such a huge market, it’s no wonder that there is an explosion of products out there aiming to improve sex drive!

While there are dozens of sexual enhancement products for women, there are a few which float to the top of the lists when it comes to search engine research.  These include Germany Sex Drops, Provestra, HerSolution, HerSolutionGelVigorelle and Extenze.  All of these products at least claim to be all natural solutions to the problems which plague many women and their sex drive.  All of them can be purchased online, are backed with a money back guarantee and usually come with additional goodies such as e-books, vibrators, massagers, oils and other products meant to take your sex from ‘meh’ to ‘BANG!’  But before you go throwing your money around, it’s a good idea to do some research.

female sex enhancer

Female Sex Enhancer

This quick chart shows some of the most important things each product offers.  Keep in mind that this information is straight from each site and that overall, each of these products is safe for any woman to use.

Name Natural? Acts in… What form? Ingredients Disclosed? Cures? Price
Germany Sex Drops Yes 15 minutes or less Drops in water Yes Vaginal dryness, increases libido and sex drive, increases energy a bit $49.90 + Postage
Vigorelle Yes 15 minutes or less Topical cream Some Vaginal dryness, increases arousal, claims to give bigger orgasms $59.95-$154.95 + shipping (cost varies depending on how many pumps you get)
Extenze Yes Minimum of 7 days, 60 for full effect Capsule taken once daily Some Improves arousal, vaginal dryness, increases sex drive, and improves sensation $49.95 + shipping and up to $291.80 if you go for a package deal
Provestra Yes Minimum 7 days, up to 30 days Pill Yes Low libido, increases sex drive, lubrication $49.95+ shipping and up to $224.94 for various packages
Her Solution: Gel Yes 15 minutes or less Gel Some Vaginal dryness, improves climax and blood flow, increases lubrication $49.95 + shipping for just the gel or $119.95 + shipping for gel plus assorted items
Her Solution: Pill Yes 90 days for full effect capsule Yes Improve libido and sex drive, increase lubrication, faster arousal, body-hormone balance $49.95 + shipping for one month supply or up to $194.95 for various package deals

Obviously this can only be taken as a starting point; from there, it’s a good idea to take a look at your own feelings.  Are you comfortable with using a gel or a cream or would prefer a pill?  Are drops easier to fit into your hectic lifestyle?  And do you want something that will take a long time to fix a long standing problem or do you just need a quick boost to get over a rough patch?  Germany sex drops, for example, are ideal for getting over a rough patch while something like HerSolution is meant more for a longer, slower slog back to full sexual prowess-ideal if you’ve been struggling with a low libido for a while, but not so great if the slump was sudden and unexpected, but expected to be temporary, such as with post-baby coolness.

It’s difficult to fully compare the competition with Germany Sex Drops because they can work in overlapping spheres.  Germany Sex Drops can ‘play’ well with other libido enhancement products so you can do the slower build up over time and still enjoy your sex life using it for quick jumps.  You can also use quick jumps to get over rough, but temporary patches, making something like Germany Sex Drops also useful.

If you are in need of libido enhancement, then you should not only do your homework, but also take into account what you actually need and in what time frame.  By taking a bit of time to properly compare products, you can choose the best one for you and be back to loving sex more than ever before as soon as possible!  Germany Sex Drops, even if you decide to opt for another product, is well worth pursuing because it can be used in conjunction with other things and is effective.  But don’t take our word for it; check out our handy little chart based right off what the competition says about their products and decide for yourself.  We’re sure you’ll make the right choice for you and for increasing libido.